Creating the perfect Spa experience at home

Creating the perfect Spa experience at home

Sometimes we can’t find time or even afford to pamper ourselves with a spa weekend in the country with all the treats and trimmings. As nice as it sounds, this can all be created from the comfort of your own home. Especially now in these strange times, when we are jumping from one lockdown to the next, a spa night at home can be the ultimate stress buster.

For a busy mother, like me, it can be really hard to find time for yourself. It can be hard to find time full stop! But a spa night at home is absolutely essential, you just need to do it!

It is all about setting the mood and getting the essentials for a pamper night at home.

 My top two must-haves for a spa night at home is getting a great facemask and soaking in a hot, soothing bath.

 It is time to plan your pamper night of absolute bliss, relaxation and calm.

How? Let me tell you.


Where to start? 

  • Put on a comfy bathrobe and slippers and pretend you are at the best spa in Australia. 
  • Dim the lights 
  • Find some soothing music; just turn on something you love on YouTube or your phone and press play. I like meditation music but really it is up to you. 
  • Light one of your favourite The Spa Blends soy wax candles to get the ambience just right. 
  • Turn on your diffuser and add some essential oils that promote calmness and relaxation – lavender, rose, chamomile, ylang ylang or lemon. 
  • Warm up some towels 
  • Grab the essentials for the night – facemask, body cream, bath salts for later, a bar of one of The Spa Blends moisturising soaps, and of course a glass of wine and some nibbles.


Pamper time:

Now for the best part, and my favourite – a hot, soothing soak in a bath with some delicate, fragrant bath salts. Start by applying your favourite facemask before you jump in the bath. I love a charcoal mask, or a cucumber based one. 

If you are using bath salts from The Spa Blends follow these steps: 

  1. Start by removing the petals and setting them aside.
  2. Add 1 cup of salts to your bath.
  3. Drop in as many petals as you wish
  4. Seal the remaining bath salts for your next spa night
  5. Lie back, relax, and let the inner calm take over 

So, there you have it, a great way to have a spa experience at home. This is possible on any day ending in D-A-Y. Grab your favourite candle, soaps and bath salts and wash the week away.

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